Power-to-X as a new technology has a great potential in the field of climate-neutral mobility and in the context of sector coupling and the expansion of renewable electricity production.

There are diverse projects, ideas, research projects and actors in Switzerland, but no platform to exchange information and to use synergies.

In order to promote the exchange among the actors and to create suitable framework conditions for Power-to-X, Airborn Fuels Switzerland AG therefore founded the Swiss Power-to-X Collaborative Innovation Network (SPIN) on May 18, 2021.

SPIN’s purpose is to accelerate 100% renewable energy supply in Switzerland and globally and to achieve at least net zero greenhouse gas emissions (especially CO2) by 2050.

These goals are to be achieved by the following means:

  1. Establishing Power-to-X as key technologies to implement climate neutral and renewable solutions, in particular renewable solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, chemical products, sustainable storage solutions and sector coupling. In these statutes, the term “power” refers to any form of energy carrier from renewable sources;
  2. Improving the conditions for carbon capture based technologies (storage & utilization);
  3. Optimizing the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of Power-to-X technologies;
  4. Enable, accelerate and establish commercialization of Power-to-X products through innovation;
  5. Develop and promote appropriate national and international frameworks for power-to-X technologies, including regulatory frameworks;
  6. To promote the exchange of experience between power-to-X stakeholders from industry, science and politics in Switzerland and internationally and to enable a common direction of goals;
  7. Representing the association members and the association’s goals with a common voice externally and internationally.

Currently, SPIN pursues the following goals or tasks:

  1. Identification of the concrete, current need for action with regard to optimal framework conditions
  2. Networking between members and exchange among each other with the aim of identifying possible synergies
  3. Public relations for Power-to-X with the aim of a positive perception of the potential and the technology

Interested individuals, companies, foundations, associations, research institutions and other public institutions and corporations are invited to join. Please fill out the online form here. Thank you very much.

The statutes of SPIN (currently only in German) can be downloaded here:

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